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    Tim is an accomplished teacher and speaker who shares proven and practical approaches to leadership development and culture building through trainable people skills. Tim gained his experience as the Chief People Officer for a company that grew from 35 locations to 750 with more than 10,000 employees across 21 states. Tim is a graduate of Georgetown University and Notre Dame Law School and also teaches Introduction to Law at Loyola University Chicago.


    How to Hire & Retain in Seemingly Impossible Times

    With the labor market as tight as it is the cost of a miss hire is exponentially growing. Often the root of the mistake lies in the fact that the person was wrong for the position or culture from day one. Their unchangeable adjectives, such as work ethic, self motivation, goal orientation, detail orientation, resilience or teamwork, simply did not match the job or culture and they were doomed to fail regardless of their experiences or how you thought you could train them. At the end of this presentation your practical skills will include:
    • How to profile your high performers unchangeable adjectives by position and organizational culture.
    • How to gather information that reveals candidates unchangeable adjectives.
    • How to process that information to determine whether they will thrive in the position and culture.
    • How to make new employees feel welcomed and valued.

      Hard Conversations f​or Avoiders

      This interactive presentation examines the questions:  Why do we avoid?  What are the costs?  And, most importantly, how can we overcome this avoidance and have effective hard conversations? As an avoider myself, I knew I needed to find a way to overcome my avoidance or fail as a leader and person. As a result, I developed the "Golden Choice Method" and have since trained it to thousands from new managers to C-Suite executives.  After this presentation your practical skills will include:
      • How to effectively tell a team member they are not meeting performance expectations.
      • How to effectively tell a supervisor you feel under appreciated or valued.
      • How to tell family or friends that something is bothering you.
      • Testimonals

        "Tim was a fantastic trainer for our leadership group! He took time to meet with me before our training and learn about our organization in detail! It has been less than 30 days, and I have had members of our leadership team reach out to share how they have already, “Followed the Circle” during their conversations with both employees and customers! Tim shares his stories that are relatable for everyone and helps put the principles of his training into practice! You will not be disappointed to have Tim train with your organization." 
        Amanda Schroeder 
        HR Coordinator PHR - Human Resources 


        "Tim spent a great deal of time during the planning stages getting to know our group and the goals for our forum. His program felt customized specifically for Synergy and our members, and the attendees walked away with some tangible takeaways to implement immediately in their own businesses."
        Julie Bishop
        Executive Director Synergy Solution Group
      • Please email me so we can talk about your leadership development or culture building challenges. I can tailor a program to your needs and present in any format - speaker, workshop facilitator, coach or consultant. Best, Tim




      • A leader is someone others want to follow.

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