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    Hard Conversations for Avoiders

    Why do we avoid difficult conversations? What are the costs professionally and personally? How can you overcome this avoidance and have effective hard conversations? This interactive presentation answers all three questions and provides practical skills that you will immediately be able to use and teach.


    Leadership Fundamentals:Why Follow

    Peter Drucker famously said that "a leader is someone who has followers." Short, sweet and true but somewhat thin on the daily skills needed to be a leader others want to follow. This presentation examines both the philosophical question of Why follow? along with the practical skills necessary to be someone who has followers.


    Culture in the Time of Covid

    A positive, energetic, collaborative culture is why talented people stay and companies thrive. And the opposite is true for organizations with negative cultures. We humans are wired to connect, to seek feedback, to feel like we belong. How are you making your people feel in this time of Covid? How are you keeping them connected from day 1? Culture is still critical during this isolating time period and there are practical steps you can take to insure it lives on and even grows.


    The Power of Little Wows!

    What separates you from your competition? Is it your product, prices, location? When you really think about it probably not for your competitors most likely have all the same things. What separates you is your people and how you make your customers feel, how they enjoy the experience of doing business with you. And it is the cumulative effect of trainable little wows that creates a culture of exceptional customer service that leads to the holy grail for any business or organization - customer loyalty.

  • About Tim

    Tim Reynolds is Co-Founder and Principal of Clover Lane Partners LLC where he conducts practical and interactive workshops that help managers to develop professionally and positively impact their companies. He also offers keynote presentations on leadership, culture, and customer service.


    Tim began his career as an attorney in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General. In 1995, he joined a developing family business called, Family Video. At that time, the business consisted of 35 video stores in 3 states. During Tim’s 20-year tenure with the company, Family Video’s business diversified and expanded to over 750 stores in 21 states, with more than 10,000 employees.


    Tim served in many positions at Family Video, including as District Manager and Regional Manager. During that period, he came to understand and learn, first-hand, the common challenges managers face on a daily basis. Later, as the company’s Chief Human Resources and People Officer, Tim trained, coached and mentored thousands of managers on a wide range of practical skills that would help them, and the business, to thrive. He believes there is tremendous power in collaboration and the recognition that none of us are alone in the areas we struggle with as managers.


    An experienced speaker, Tim has made hundreds of keynote presentations to managers and business leaders. He also teaches “Introduction to Law” at Loyola University Chicago. Tim holds a BA from Georgetown University and a JD from Notre Dame Law School.

  • Testimonals

    "We greatly enjoyed having Tim Reynolds speak to our networking groups. He is professional, engaging, and our attendees learned specific ways to consider their company's culture--especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. Tim has a wonderful background that immediately establishes credibility. We would love to work with him again and enthusiastically recommend him as a speaker."


    Rhonda Seelinger, Marketing Director for Naperville, Oak Brook, Northwest/Schaumburg, Windy City and North Shore Business Networks


    "Tim spent a great deal of time during the planning stages getting to know our group and the goals for our forum. His program felt customized specifically for Synergy and our members, and the attendees walked away with some tangible takeaways to implement immediately in their own businesses.


    Tim gave great tidbits of information and included a lot interaction with the group to keep everyone engaged. I would recommend Tim to any group looking for a speaker who will engage their audience and provide actionable takeaways."


    Julie Bishop, Executive Director Synergy Solution Group

  • "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


    Theodore Roosevelt

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