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    "Hard Conversations for Avoiders"  Why do we avoid difficult conversations? What are the costs professionally and personally? How can you overcome this avoidance and have effective hard conversations? This interactive presentation answers all three questions and provides practical skills that you will immediately be able to use and teach.


    "It's Always the People" You often hear of the need to create an exceptional "experience" for your customers. But how do you actually go about building a culture that delivers on that mission statement? This interactive presentation/workshop focuses on three key steps. Who you hire, how you train them and how you set them free.


    "Follow the Leader" Do the people you are charged with leading believe you will make them better? Do they know you care? Do they want to follow you? This interactive presentation covers some basic but critical leadership people skills that will and those questions in the affirmative and help both you and your people grow and thrive.


    All presentations provide a different voice and perspective on the common challenges that come with leading people and building culture. And each can be tailored to your organization.

    About Tim

    Tim has woven his unique career experiences as a prosecutor, retailer and teacher into an actionable leadership philosophy focused on helping people and organizations thrive and grow.

    As the Chief Human Resources & People Officer for Family Video, Tim led the hiring and leadership development training system programs that supported over 750 retail locations and 10,000 employees. Currently, he is a Principal with Clover Lane Partners, a Management Consulting Firm and also teaches "Introduction to Law" at Loyola University Chicago.

    Tim received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and his law degree from Notre Dame and lives near Chicago.

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  • The Golden Choice Method

    The Golden Choice Method is the cornerstone of Tim's philosophy of empathetic leadership.


    The people you lead will follow you when you care enough direct and honest with them and you are skilled enough to deliver even hard messages in way that helps them grow. In addition, the people you lead will be even more committed to your leadership when you teach them how to do the same thing for others.


    Empathetic, hard conversations are one way to open others to growth and positive change. Avoidance cripples leadership and destroys teams and cultures. The costs of avoidance are real and severe.


    Tim will provide new perspectives on leadership philosophy and human nature and behavior and he will give you practical tools that you can use every day to continue to grow as a leader.

  • "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


    Theodore Roosevelt

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