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    Tim is a dynamic C level executive who has a strong record of building winning organizations by recognizing and developing people who thrive. An accomplished consultant, speaker and coach, Tim inspires leaders by sharing proven, practical approaches to attracting and retaining top talent, developing leaders and cultures, and delivering superior customer service.
    Tim has woven his unique career experiences as both a criminal prosecutor and a retailer into an engaging and actionable leadership philosophy. One based on making others better.
    As Chief People Officer and General Counsel for Highland Ventures, a diversified holding company that had over ten thousand employees across 21 states and $630M in commercial real estate assets and 1000 retail outlets, Tim implemented hiring, development and retention practices that enabled rapid growth through internal promotions. He also led training programs designed to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and employee value and appreciation.
    Currently Tim is a Principal at the Management Consulting Firm Clover Lane Partners and also teaches "Introduction to Law" at Loyola University of Chicago. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Notre Dame Law School and a die hard Cubs fan.


    Hard Conversations f​or Avoiders

    Most of us dislike confrontation. As a result, we often feel a primal urge to avoid it at almost any cost. But there are real costs to be paid. This avoidance damages relationships, hurts productivity, and undermines leadership authority and the ability to develop and mentor others. And this avoidance is all too common and often ends up in terminations that go horribly wrong leaving all involved dispirited.

    Sadly, worry over confrontation is not the only reason we avoid. A recent survey found that well over half of the respondents said they avoided difficult conversations because they lacked the training or experience in having one. This lack of training stymies leadership growth and is unfair to underperforming employees who should know where they stand.

    This practical, hands on workshop will provide both the training on how to overcome avoidance and the how to have an effective difficult conversation that will lead to real positive improvement and change.


    Following this session, attendees will be able to:

    - Overcome avoidance to difficult conversations

    - Learn how to be direct, honest and still show you care

    - Improve performance

    - Strengthen professional and personal relationships


    Hiring & Retaining in Seemingly Impossible Times

    If you are struggling with high turnover, you are not alone. And research shows that the main cause for this seemingly endless problem is not a mystery. A Harvard Business Review Survey found that 80% of turnover is due to poor hiring decisions. The new hires simply are the wrong fit for the job and are doomed to fail or leave from the start.

    It does not have to be this way. You can create a culture of loyalty and high performance and cut your hiring mistakes by focusing on the first day unchangeable core qualities required for the position and building a culture where people feel welcomed, empowered and valuable.

    This practical, hands on workshop will help you build a clear profile of who you are looking for, offer interview strategies to gather information related to that profile and examine how to process that information gathered and the ultimate question of whether they will thrive in the job and culture or not.


    Following this session, attendees will be able to:

    - Provide a different perspective on one of any organizations biggest challenges.

    - Create a customized trainable system.

    - Learn how to do culture mapping exercises from employees points of view to help build strong cultures

    - Provide practical, actionable leadership development skills.


    Culture After COVID

    COVID has been devastating in so many ways including its impact on workplace cultures.  It has caused  extreme burnout, loss of team  connection and purpose, elimination of professional development and a general breakdown in communication. 
    This presentation / workshop helps reset your culture by asking hard questions, providing real truths and brainstorming culture building ideas. It provides a roadmap on how to move forward and be a workplace where people feel valued, heard, and trusted. A place where people want to work.

    Following this session, attendees will be able to:

    - Recognize the effect COVID has had on workplace and customer experience cultures.

    - Reinforce the importance of how employees and customers are made to "feel".

    - Reset cultures through a system tailored to each business or organization.

    - Unleash the power of little wows.


    Leadership Fundamentals: Why Others Follow
    A leader has been defined simply as someone others follow. But the real question is why? Why follow? The premise of this presentation is that people will want to follow when they believe you will make them better. Especially when you make them better with things they avoid or struggle with like hiring, firing, delegation, tough discussions and public speaking. Things that show you care and want them to be better.
    Customer Experience: The Power of Little Wows
    How you make your customers feel is what separates you from your competitors. And it is the culmination of several "little wows" that add up to the "big wow" of customer loyalty. It is the experience you create that builds long term relationships. This presentation/workshop looks at your processes and touches from the view of your customers. You will be amazed at the small things you can do that will lead to real business benefits.
    • Testimonals

      "Tim was a fantastic trainer for our leadership group! He took time to meet with me before our training and learn about our organization in detail! It has been less than 30 days, and I have had members of our leadership team reach out to share how they have already, “Followed the Circle” during their conversations with both employees and customers! Tim shares his stories that are relatable for everyone and helps put the principles of his training into practice! You will not be disappointed to have Tim train with your organization." 
      Amanda Schroeder 
      HR Coordinator PHR - Human Resources 


      "Tim spent a great deal of time during the planning stages getting to know our group and the goals for our forum. His program felt customized specifically for Synergy and our members, and the attendees walked away with some tangible takeaways to implement immediately in their own businesses."
      Julie Bishop
      Executive Director Synergy Solution Group
    • Please email me so we can talk about your leadership development or culture building challenges. I can tailor a program to your needs and present in any format - speaker, workshop facilitator, coach or consultant. Best, Tim




    • A leader is someone others want to follow.

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